Soapy fam x Little Steps Matter

Anastasia NFTart teamed up with Little Steps Matter, a non-profit organisation in Bali helping dogs in need. In Bali, many dogs struggle to survive on the streets... Little Steps Matter rescues, cares for and finds homes for these precious pups! They are changing lives, one paw at a time. Join us in making a difference:
✅ Adopt a dog and get Anastasia's custom NFT of your new fluffy friend!
✅ Make a donation and get a custom Soapy Dog or Soapy Dad NFT*
* - for Soapy Dogs / Soapy Dad holders

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World in Danger

This ART: About the fragility of the world. About empathy and resistance. About justice and freedom. About rights and violence. Save peace in the world

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Little Angels

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With Love, Always

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